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Date Posted: 23:17:26 01/11/06 Wed
Author: William Simpson
Subject: Such fond memories

Many of my fondest Disneyland memories are of the times working with Kimmi on Pirates. She always had a way of bringing a smile to my face by finding the humor and absurdity in our daily routine.

From watching her dance to the alarm bells in the tower to poking her head into the Lead office and announcing "Guess what I'm doing!" between groups at Load, Kimmi was a joy to work with. I was honored to have known her and miss her dearly.

Thank you, Kimmi, for your friendship and compassion. You were a blessing.

-William Simpson


Date Posted: 01:13:09 01/12/06 Thu
Author: Lori Kimbrell
Subject: Pirates will never be as fun now!

Where to begin????
The first day I worked on Pirates, (back in 85 or 86) Kimmi was hard on me and didn't let up for a year...the beginning of a friendship that I will never forget! I don't know what it was, but one day Kimmi was nice to me. I was shocked. You see, Kimmi put forth a tough exterior, (and let's face it, working at Disneyland that's not a bad idea) But once you were accepted by Kimmi you knew you had arrived.
God I will miss her!
She could group a boat better then anyone. I remember she loved to group tour groups in the old 5 row boats. 30 people in a boat! And fat people in row 5! What a masterful grouper! When she was working Pirates I knew it would be a fun day!
I remember, one day during summer, we had 4 lines out the door. I was at unload waiting for some people to get in the boat...they were taking their time. The Horseshoe had backed up...the upramp had stopped. And Kimmi was up in the tower. Suddenly I realize that I hear the "waiting tune" from Jeopardy. Kimmi was doing the tune into the PA mic for the loading area. It was the funniest thing! The guests were clueless but we on the dock laughed. She loved that PA mic!
Kimmi will be missed.

I heard that she did a wonderful deadpan spiel for the Storybook Canal Boats. I would have loved to have seen it.

Kimmi took over scheduling from me, (I was a lousy scheduler) And she seemed to find her fit. Her unique character is just what that job needed. She keep the area running great.

From a personal view I believe that Kimmi was a caring person behind her gruff exterior. Once you got to know her, you could catch her doing acts of kindness all the time. But you better not say anything!
As a Lead, I loved to have Kimmi on my crew. I didn't have to worry about her, She was a professional and she took pride in what she did. Sure she would B#^&h and complain but she still did her job.

I knew her for a relatively short time, (14 or so years) but each time I saw her she would smile and say, "Hey Lor".

In 1998 I left Disneyland. But I would go back 3 or 4 times a year. I would ask if Kimmi was working, if she was I would try to say hi to her. Once I went to City Hall and left a Guest Complement for her. Don't know if she ever got it.
The last time I saw her, her Cancer was in remission. She was outside Pirates in her costume. We hugged. Talked abit, laughed and then she had to go back into the ride.
I am going to miss her. New Orleans Square will not be the same, it will seem abit emptier now.
Huggs and Kisses Kimmi,
Love ya!


Date Posted: 01:20:16 01/12/06 Thu
Subject: Good Bye Kimmi

I just got the news today from Rich Johnson. I had heard that she was doing better and would be coming back to work. It is still just a shock. Elaine, Steve Schwartz and I were probably the last of the old-timers to work with her. When you work at a place for so many years and with a few of these people for so many of these years they become part of your extended family. I'm sure I feel like many of you that worked with Kimmi for many years...a family member has passed away before their time.
"Don't ya just love people?!?". "Gotta go now!" I can hear her now. Sound familiar doesn't it. So many quotes over so many years. We all have our favorites. I can remember when she was the area scheduler and calling in sick when she would answer the phone. It was like getting the 3rd degree. It was more painful than being sick. I always hoped I would get the answering machine. But, that was Kimmi and you still loved her. She was always honest and straight forward. You knew when she didn't approve of something and she joked better than anyone around. She was a real person and a real pleasure to work with. I have some pictures of her at Pirates that I will try to get out to anyone that wants one.
It will not seem the same going back to work anymore. Kimmi, you will be missed.

Ian MacKenzie

Date Posted: 11:24:09 01/12/06 Thu
Author: Tally Briggs
Subject: I can't believe it!

This is devastating. I can't believe she's gone. She was family to me when I was at the park. Made me laugh so hard it hurt!!!

Love you Kimmie!


Date Posted: 11:24:52 01/12/06 Thu
Author: Kevin Chaney
Subject: My First Contact with Kim ( I will never forget it.)

Hello All:
My first contact with Kim was on Pirates. I had just made lead and was at front load. She was front unload. She was crossing to the tower and I to unload. As we passed each other standing on the boat she leaned in to talk to me. I thought she would say congrats or had a problem or something, but no. We had not really met and she leaned into me and whispered in my ear; "I've been a bad girl, and I need a spanking". She smiled at me and went to the tower.
As she got seated I took that big pirate belt off and dipped the end of it in the water, looked up at her and said; "right now". We both laughed so hard and a wonderful friendship was started. I am sooooo sad that your are gone Kimmi but I am happy that you don't have any more troubles and pain. You are going to be missed sooooo much.


Date Posted: 11:48:21 01/12/06 Thu
Author: Bruce Kimbrell
Subject: Kimmie at Pirates

Prior to the construction of the Pirates Bridge and one day when walking thru the area, I saw Kim stading at the entrance to Pirates. I waved at her, she waved at me, so I thought, I would go over for a minute or two and just say "hi". As she and I stood there talking for a moment and as Guests were entering the Pirates attraction, all of the sudden she said, "Oh shit!" (and of course the Guests heard). I said, "What?". She said, " Dammit, what the Hell am I doing bumping in to this rotation? I'm not in this damn rotation. Oh shit!" It was classic Kimmie Cummins :)


Date Posted: 12:46:19 01/12/06 Thu
Author: Kevin Chaney
Subject: Classic Kim

Kim was working the pirate tower one evening and I had just gone up to see if she still wanted to ER. The ride phone rang and she asked me if I wanted her to answer it. I said yes and proceeded with this: "Pirate tower, this Kim come come come again Cummins."


Date Posted: 12:48:35 01/12/06 Thu
Author: Mike Hageman
Subject: Kim

I was on Pirates early last year and Kim started talking about her health, "I'm going to die Mike" she said, and all I could say was "Kim we all will", and without missing a beat she said "I bet I'll beat you!" I walked in the office once as Kim slammed down the phone when she used to schedule, "that BOX" she yelled! I just looked at her and she said "sorry Mike i'm going to start cussing so you better leave!" Did Kim come up with the word box?! Kim you did beat me physically but you will never go away in our thoughts. I'll always remember being able to stare at you and in about 30 seconds we would both start laughing over nothing!! I took a ride on Pirates yesterday by myself and thought about all those good times...miss you already.

Date Posted: 12:58:53 01/12/06 Thu
Author: Rod Trett
Subject: Kimmie was Disney for me

Kim was one of the very first people I met as a new Cast Member in 1987. Every fond memory of Pirates and Mansion seems to have her in it. Everyone I know that she met has his or her favorite Kimmie story. Mine involes a Guest complaining to Kim about getting wet on Pirates, only to be reminded by her that "it's a water ride... okay?"

She will always be in my fondest memories of not only the Westside, but of Disney as a whole. She showed me how to temper fun with work. Her signature "snarl-with-a-smile" attitude became a piece of so many that she worked with.

Kimmie, I will forever miss your laugh, your binkies, your smile, you....




Date Posted: 13:05:27 01/12/06 Thu
Author: Shelly Richter
Subject: Kimmi's huge heart :+)

Kimmi had a huge heart! I remember when I was working on Pirates back in '96, and it was my first day back after a leave of absence when my father had died. My lead was Jeff Stark (whom I had never worked with and had quite a reputation as a tuff lead.) I walked past the tower and headed downstairs when Kimmi yelled my name. I went to the office and she introduced me to Jeff and said to him " This is Shelly, she's a sweet girl and her dad had just died so be nice to her." I will never forget the kindness she showed me, and the way she made me laugh. There's an empty feeling now Knowing that when I go to the park and ride Pirates I will not see her smiling sarcastic wonderful face. Miss you Kimmi, may you have all the binkies you desire, and all the peace you deserve!!!!

Date Posted: 14:51:08 01/12/06 Thu
Author: Matt Smith
Subject: You will be missed by all

Pirates will not be the same with out you.


Date Posted: 15:32:41 01/12/06 Thu
Author: Dave Dempsey
Subject: Remembering Kimmie

Wow- I can't believe she's gone!! Kimmie left this earth way too early, and I'm gonna miss her. She was a lot of fun to work with, and was incredibly funny!! Every now and then she would show me her serious side, and I found out that underneath all the joking and kidding was a very kind, sensitive, and loving person. I remember my last day working at the park-- when I told her I was leaving and she proceeded to call me a $%&*!!@**#, then congratulated me! She was one-of-a-kind-- the world will never be the same without her.

Dave Dempsey



Date Posted: 16:04:10 01/12/06 Thu
Author: Heidi Steelmon
Subject: Beautiful!!!

I remember when I made General Lead in 1999 and found out that my focus Attraction was going to be Pirates. The first thing I thought was Oh my God! I have to make sure Kimmi moves her nametag to the outside of her sweater:) Almost every memory I have of Pirates includes Kimmi, even some Splash and Mansion memories. During one of the Pirate rehabs, Kimmi pulled a week of Splash. I remember the Breakdown spiel going off and Kimmi throwing her hands in the air stating "Shit, I don't know how to 'fix' this ride". She could be a pain sometimes, but I loved it. Pirates will NEVER be the same without her!

Kimmi we will all miss your binkies and potty breaks!!!

Don't Cry Because it's over, Smile Because it Happened!

Date Posted: 16:53:24 01/12/06 Thu
Author: Tally Briggs
Subject: adding on....

now that I am getting over the initial shock.......

I'll never forget....

....The time when Sue, Elaine, Kimmie, and I all went on a LOVE BOAT CRUISE to the Caribbean. Kimmie was my cabin mate. The first day at sea, Miss I-DON'T-NEED-NO-STINKING-SUNSCREEN laid out on deck for FOUR HOURS in the middle of the ocean as the the rest of us begged her to put some sunscreen on. There we were, cocktails in hand..... that evening she was at dinner in a pink dress that was the same color as her skin. The next day she was swollen to the size of an elephant and running a fever due to her I-NEVER-BURN sunburn. By the time we got back for our post cruise stay in San Juan she was PEELING IN SHEETS! Hilarious! How we laughed!!

....Going to her father's funeral, and how great it made her feel that we were there.

..... how she saved every penny and paid cash for her car.

....Kimmie ALWAYS being right about every single man I dated. ALWAYS. She could nail someone's character within 30 seconds of meeting them.

....The day when she was out on Pirates crowd control on the small planter (back before Eisner - which shall heretofore be known as B.E.) and I was on tickets. She drew my attention to three über-hunks, which ended up flirting with me when I got up to Load. They got off the ride when I was at unload, and asked when I got off work. That night was Lisa Presley-Henka's bridal shower at El Torito, so I invited them. THEY SHOWED! Three soccer playing Canadian HOTTIES at a bridal shower. When the mothers got up to go to the restroom, the guys STOOD UP mid-sentence without even thinking (manners people) and Kimmie kicked me SO HARD under the table! That impressed the hell out of her!!! She came over and whispered in my ear- "If you don't go for one of them, I'll beat you senseless."

.....The day Lisa (then Presley) came in to work Pirates as forman after going to a Sunday brunch. Lisa was feeling REALLY GOOD, and kept jumping on the bow of the (5-row) boats when as they were coming up to front load and riding the boat into position as she told eveyone in her hyper-chipper sunny way to "step out this way please." Kimmie was in the Tower, and I was on rear load. I'll never forget Kimmie's face every time Lisa did it. First it was sheer disbelief, then howling laughter, all the while saying loud enough for us to hear - "LISA YOU'RE GONNA KILL YOURSELF!!!" Hilarious!

There's just sooo many memories... all great ones!

Date Posted: 17:34:30 01/12/06 Thu
Author: William Simpson
Subject: Re: Such fond memories
In reply to: William Simpson 's message, "Such fond memories" on 23:17:26 01/11/06 Wed

On a more personal note, Kim took a very personal interest in my personal affairs and offered, unsolicited, estate planning advice which has proven invaluable. She was persistent, too, following up when she would see me to make sure I had taken care of the matter.

Now that my mother has passed away, the advice Kimmi gave is saving me untold emotional and financial hardship. I only wish she was still around so I could thank her properly one more time and let her know how right she was.

Bless you, Kimmi.




Date Posted: 19:01:06 01/12/06 Thu
Author: Lyn Coon
Subject: Lost for words

I really don't know what to say. There's so many stories,so many memories. Every one knows a Kimmiism. My favorite was,
" Look at that...Stupid!!!" she'd usually say it at unload while watching guests coming up in line.

I don't smoke,but Kimmi, this Binki's for you!



Date Posted: 19:44:43 01/12/06 Thu
Author: Alan Duncan
Subject: We Were Pirates Once

"When We were Pirates..."
Not a whole lot of people can look back on their life and say that. But those of us who wore buckles anytime after 1980 were very lucky to have shared dock space with Kimmi Cummins. She was an original. With one simple glare, she could filet you to the bone-- or make you howl with laughter-- and often it was with the same glare.
She could swear like a sailor in front of a boatload of guests and then walk backstage, pop in a binkie and be the warmest, most genuine person on earth. It was a gift.
Once in awhile, out of the blue, I'll think of a little saying (which I probably shouldn't repeat here) that Kimmi would spout out to me at the least appropriate moments. After all these years, it still cracks me up.
Thanks, Kimmi. Hopefully we'll meet again.

Date Posted: 20:33:26 01/12/06 Thu
Author: Jackie Korteland Boller
Subject: Kimmie: An Original...

Although it's been awhile since I worked at Disneyland and saw Kimmie, I so miss her right now. Memories are coming back so vividly as I read them here...I'm laughing and crying at the same time.

Kimmie was the only one at Disneyland I knew who could get away with chewing gum at the turnstile. Now, you KNOW she was not discreet...she snap that gum like a rubber band, and guests and supervisors alike paid no mind as far as I could see...I was totally amazed since if I did that...well, you know, I'd be caught!

And the comments she made...oh my goodness...a cute guy would come up the line..."Oh, oh, oh!! I'm about to cream my PANTS!" This was at Pirates and the people in the front row of the second boat had clear ear shot of these comments and more when we'd meet in the middle by the lost and found box to chat. Mostly, she would chat, and I'd be doubled over in laughter. Sometimes I'd be in disbelief how funny this gal was.

I did do ONE practical joke on her for the above comment. I was the one who stuck a panty liner pad to her timecard and totally destroyed it...well, rather, Kimmie destroyed it as she tried to pry this thing off her timecard and ripped the thing to shreds. Kimmie was rather peeved and completely convinced that Elaine had done this evil deed...not one for hiding my feelings too well, I had a difficult time maintaining myself as Kimmie laid into Elaine inside that tiny Pirate office..."Oh, you did SO do it!!!" She didn't suspect me since usually I'm not the type to do practical jokes, but this one I just HAD to do...I vaguely remember Kimmie finding out it was me...I think she said something like, "Oh, Jack, you didn't really do it, did you??" I think she was puzzled that it really WAS me...

I think Kimmie made me feel very special by calling me "Jack." Never had a nickname before and haven't since, but I so loved it when she greeted me "Hey, Jack!" "How ya doin', Jack!" "Jack...you BOX!!!"

Kimmie, make 'em laugh upstairs!!! We'll sure miss you down here, though!



Date Posted: 22:50:46 01/12/06 Thu
Author: Beth Weber Rayburn
Subject: No B.S. allowed

Seeing Ian's post about the reception that any call-sick to Kimmie recieved made me laugh. Jerry Whitfield's movie "O:2" got close to capturing that Kimmie attitude. Personally, I like people who don't BS around - you always know where you stand with them.

I started thinking of one afternoon in Pirates, when we were hanging out in the tower. I was actually on the position, and we were having another round of "make fun of the celebrity guest," in this case Corbin Bernson (from L.A. Law), moreso than his wife Amanda Pays (Max Headroom). Amanda looked absolutely stunning without make-up, even in a t-shirt and shorts, along with her cute little hat. Kimmie commented that Corbin looked like a homeless guy - he was wearing torn up, cut off sweatpants and a ratty t-shirt, and frankly, had more of a gut than I'd noticed on t.v. After a 15 minute Kimmie commentary on Corbin's bedraggled state (and bald spot) as their party progressed through the ride system, we watched them re-emerge from the boat on the dock and she turned, gave me one of her signature looks and said in a thoroughly disgusted voice, "I tell ya, it's all make up and lighting!"

Date Posted: 23:00:20 01/12/06 Thu
Author: Beth Weber Rayburn
Subject: Re: Kim
In reply to: Mike Hageman 's message, "Kim" on 12:48:35 01/12/06 Thu

OMG!!! "Box!" That originated during Fantasmic construction when so many of us gals got shunted off to Fantasyland... with so many of us West side girls on Storybook, having "attitudes," someone came up with a code word for female guests that could be said onstage - well the description rhymes with "witch" and the codeword was BOX. If we didn't actually say it to describe a problem guest on our boats, we had a hand signal for it (thumb and forefingers at an angle to make a box). Wow - what a memory! No wonder Kimmie knew that one...hee!!!

>I was on Pirates early last year and Kim started
>talking about her health, "I'm going to die Mike" she
>said, and all I could say was "Kim we all will", and
>without missing a beat she said "I bet I'll beat you!"
>I walked in the office once as Kim slammed down the
>phone when she used to schedule, "that BOX" she
>yelled! I just looked at her and she said "sorry Mike
>i'm going to start cussing so you better leave!" Did
>Kim come up with the word box?! Kim you did beat me
>physically but you will never go away in our thoughts.
>I'll always remember being able to stare at you and in
>about 30 seconds we would both start laughing over
>nothing!! I took a ride on Pirates yesterday by myself
>and thought about all those good times...miss you

Date Posted: 23:28:30 01/12/06 Thu
Author: Jonathan Cohen
Subject: Never the same

I really don't know what to say. As an 18 year old kid who came to work Pirates and didn't know much of anything Kimmie really made me feel like a part of the crew. Whether it was listening to her stories, her comments or her trying to get me to go have a binkie with her she always made Pirates one of my favorite places to work. I don't think she ever knew how much that meant to me, but I really hope she does now.


Date Posted: 01:06:55 01/13/06 Fri
Author: Troy C. Porter
Subject: Kimmi Stories

"Kimmi Stories". That's what my family would call them every year around the Thanksgiving table. After I started working at Disneyland I was the hit at family events because I would always have at least a couple new "Kimmi Stories" to tell each year. It's upsetting to realize there won't be any new Kimmi Stories, but some of the stories and memories here from names I recognize and names I don't has certainly helped.

I was so lucky to become friends with Kim, and I'm so thankful I ended up at Pirates working with her for the years that I did. (Or when Pirates was down for rehab we'd be at the "Big House" or, God help us all, at Splash. But Pirates and Kim are forever linked in my mind.) After I got over being terrified of Kim when I was first trained at Pirates, I think I warmed to her so quickly because she said and did all of the things I was too afraid to do. I was a real square when I was a new CM (Don't say a word Heidi Steelmon!), I was too chickenshit to ever dare break any of the rules or "Guidelines", and I simply lived vicariously through Kim's wonderful irreverance and her ballsy attitude. Kim was a Disneyland original, a wonderful human being, and I already miss her dearly.

There are so many happy memories attached to Kim, and so many hilarious stories. One of my favorites happened of course at Pirates, with Kim at Unload and me sitting in Tower in the late 1990's. A little girl got out of the front row of the front boat just as her shoe slipped off and fell into the flume, and with the flow of the water in the station it immediately headed out into the Bayou. The little girl broke down in tears, and Kim grabbed the flashlight out of the dock box and shined her light onto this little pink shoe floating away from the dock. Kim looked up at me in the Tower and yelled "Do something!", I looked at her wide eyed and shrugged my shoulders. What was I supposed to do?

Kim picked up the ride phone and said "Get down here and do something to get that damn shoe!". I said to Kim "What can I do? There's no one up here, I can't leave Tower. I'll yell down to the break room and see if Elaine can come bump me out." And Kim just said "Fine, just do something." We all know how Kim felt about most of our adult guests, but she clearly liked this little girl and was keeping her flashlight aimed right at the shoe as it floated towards the Blue Bayou patio while her parents just stood watching. I yelled down to the break room, but for the first time in 20 years Elaine was not down there reading the Times and had disapeared somewhere. Crap, I was screwed.

I called Kim back and told her Elaine wasn't in the break room and what could I do? The Cast Member at Load was a new CT and a complete idiot, and Kim didn't trust her, and the shoe was floating farther away. And with that Kim pressed in her station stop and said to me over the ride phone "Talk to the people and do one of your spiels. If YOU can't do anything I'll take care of it." Before I could argue, Kim grabbed the expandable pool net out of the dock box and took off out the exit, all the while shining her flashlight on that shoe still floating towards the Blue Bayou. I started spieling to the backed up boats in the horseshoe and on the lift while Kim hopped the fence at the exit and began making her way through the bushes batting away fiber optic fireflies while she went.

The little girl, the parents, and me all watched Kim as she made her way along the edge of the Blue Bayou patio holding on to the patio railing with one hand and her flashlight and net in the other. Amazingly most of the Blue Bayou diners didn't even seem to notice Kim as she walked along the waters edge, and before we knew it she was leaning out from the handrailing and scooping the shoe out of the water. Kim started the journey back along the patio, and suddenly she stopped near a waterside table where an attentive couple had noticed Kim rescue the shoe and were laughing. Kim stopped and gave them her trademark big grin and she actually chatted with them for a few moments hanging on to the railing before she started back again to the edge of the patio, through the bushes, and back over the fence and to the Unload dock.

With a few quick motions Kim cleared her Station Stop, dispatched the boats, grabbed a pro-towel out of the dock box, and presented the pink shoe on a pro-towel to the little girl. As you can imagine the girl and her parents were thrilled with Kim, Kim looked amused at the whole thing, and I just sat there in the Tower with my mouth wide open watching it all. After another dispatch and as the little girl and her parents were leaving, I picked up the ride phone and buzzed Kim. I said "Kim, that was fantastic!" and she responded back "Well, you wouldn't goddamn do anything so I had to." I laughed and then she said "Do something useful and call the Blue Bayou, that nice couple by the water needs more coffee!" She hung up the ride phone, looked up at me in the Tower, and threw back her head with one of those big laughs of hers.

Thank you for the laughs, the friendship, and the memories Kim. You won't ever be forgotten.


Date Posted: 05:38:26 01/13/06 Fri
Author: Don and Lois Chapman
Subject: Love you Kimmi and we won't forget you

Kimmi was vibrant and funny and full of life. Kimmi will be missed by her family and friends but not forgotten.
There will be stories told for years from her friends at Disneyland about Kimmi and that great big smile from ear to ear.
That is the smile you looked for when you were having one of those bad days. Someone that warmed your heart and said hi there how are you. Everyone adds to our souls something to make us what we are and Kimmi gave us spirit and laughter and that we will always remember. God Bless her family and those of us that knew her well.

Don and Lois Chapman


Date Posted: 07:29:36 01/13/06 Fri
Author: Matt Holding
Subject: Our Kimmi

Oh Kimmi, how special you were to us all! We loved you like a sister! I guess I loved you like a niece because you always called me Uncle Matt eventhough I was 20 years younger! The Kimmi stories are all notorious, no one can ever take her place. I have so many stories where to start.
Well one of my favorites has to be about a year and a half ago. I had applied for Area Manager, and Kimmi really was pulling for me, and having her approval was like having Gods! I came in one morning and on my desk was a card and inside it read "Congratulation Uncle Matt on all your success"! I cried, I went to Kimmi and said " I didn't make it" and she said, "SHIT"! Just knowing she felt I deserved it meant the world to me.
Every day at Roll call, I would sit in her normal soft chair and get the most god awful folding plastic chair and set it next to me and say this is your seat today and that her wig was on crooked. She would just flip me off and mutter ASSHOLE. Later in the day she would write a statement and put it on Kim Sims desk..it read "Please do something about Matt Holding" I would walk in the tower and she would just smirk and say "you're gonna get in trouble"
I want to share with you all a very special moment. It was just three weeks ago on Xmas eve, Kimmi had wanted to get together and have dinner with Kim Sims and myself, so Kim Sims and her mom hosted us at their home for dinner on Xmas eve. Kimmi called me the week before and said are you sure Kim will be ok " I can't walk and I am in a wheelchair" I told her not to be silly. Well When I arrived Kimmi was already there. Those were the most precious four hours of my life. Sharing stories, being called an Asshole at least six times, and just seeing her so happy even though she was struggling and in pain. The pain was excrutiating the last hour, I will never forget holding her hand so she could just squeeze. I gave her a big hug and a kiss before she was put into the van. Just being able to spend her last xmas with her was so wondeful. Thanks to Kim Sims and Pam, she got what she wanted. Turkey dinner with all the trimmings, and she drank coffee like it was water. I loved her so much, like all of you. This is not the end but just the beginning for her. She is going to give God a run for his money now. Go gettem Kimmi. We love you!

Uncle Matt





Date Posted: 11:31:44 01/13/06 Fri
Author: Donna Wilson Young
Subject: Kimmi

I remember when you would bump Kimmi to break her, she would always say "I like that!" really, really loud. Over the years, whenever people would say that I always thought of her. Made me chuckle.


Date Posted: 13:02:47 01/13/06 Fri
Author: Tommy Ehrenberg
Subject: So many Memories

It's difficult to capture all of my "Kimmi" memories at once. From her "Tommy - How the H*** are ya?" to the familiar "I need a binkie" and "I gotta go now" - all sprinkled with laughter and her live-life-out-loud attitude. I remember her as schduler, Lead, trainer at Pirates, Mansion, Eo, Splash and yes, even Bear Band. I remember going down to the Hat Shop in New Orleans Square to get her Virginia Slims - (Light Menthols, I believe...). Bumping her in the tower at Pirats and getting "It's about time...!"
(and sometimes not being sure if she was joking or not!). I'd sometimes see her driving to or from the Park. I'd recognize the liscense plate - That's the last time I remember seeing her driving in front of me - wish now I'd caught up to her and waved hello (or goodbye...). So to all of you - in her honor - if we see each other around - don't miss the opportunity to ask "How the H*** are ya!"

Date Posted: 13:15:44 01/13/06 Fri
Author: Sheila Horn (Theisen)
Subject: You will be missed

Kimmie, I just heard that you were really sick. Debbie Grinham and I had made plans to go visit you next week but, I guess that was to late. Kimmie I will always remember you. You will be truly missed.

Love you,
Sheila Horn


Date Posted: 13:33:03 01/13/06 Fri
Author: Jackie Korteland Boller
Subject: Re: Kimmi
In reply to: Donna Wilson Young 's message, "Kimmi" on 11:31:44 01/13/06 Fri


I was recking my brains out trying to remember what other famous things that Kimmi said...that was one of them!! "I like THAT!!"

Jackie K

>I remember when you would bump Kimmi to break her, she
>would always say "I like that!" really, really loud.
>Over the years, whenever people would say that I
>always thought of her. Made me chuckle.


Date Posted: 14:31:28 01/13/06 Fri
Author: Rick West
Subject: Kimmi

God, when I saw the subject line of Rod's email, I didn't think it would be good. And, naturally, it wasn't. I had no idea that Kim was sick; the last time I talked with Kim was when I worked at the Park a lifetime ago.

Most of my memories of Kim have been repeated here - dry comments to stupid guest questions, the horror of her picking up the phone in the scheduling office when calling in sick - and the petite, rated "G" commentary that would dance from her tongue like poetry. ;-)

I was not nearly as close with Kim as many of you were, but I did have the honor of working with her at Pirates and the other New Orleans attractions. She was always very kind to me, always brutally honest and was one of my favorite people to be in rotation with because she was truly hilarious.

This comes as a shock to me, as I am out of the loop. I mourn her passing as a former team mate and friend. And I send my most sincere sympathies to those of you closer to her. Kimmi was definitely a one-of-a-kind; a true Disneyland Original. And she will forever be one of the Cast Members I look back on and smile while thinking about. She was a wonderful person - my Disneyland experience, with all of its ups and downs, was certainly more rich because she was a part of it.

Love to you all.

Rick West




Date Posted: 18:01:53 01/13/06 Fri
Author: Ann Eschardies
Subject: Kimmer Sue and the HBR/MLB Days

For those of us who worked with Kim at Hungry Bear and Mile Long Bar prior to Pirates, I was so sorry that I was not able to say good-bye to someone who always made me laugh and what made me smile this morning was the thought of the conversation that must be happening in heaven right now between Kim and Dolly! It is a very colorful conversation and it not about sandwiches and making tuna salad. Dolly, of course, always made the best tuna salad. Kim had the most fun with the mayonaise and the gloves!

I tried to convince Kim for many years that we should move to Hawaii and she could be an artist and I would sell her artwork. I have a Kim Cummins original still life watercolor hanging in my dining room and although, she made us of laugh for a lot of years at Disneyland, I still believe the world missed a great artist!

I will miss you KimmySue!!



Date Posted: 18:26:17 01/13/06 Fri
Author: Tracy Kinloch
Subject: Kimmi and myself

As most of you know, Kimmi was my BEST friend. She taught me courage, to speak my mind, and to never let anyone walk all over me.

Since everyone is shareing their stories, I want each and everyone of my Disneyland family to know how much your visits to Kimmi meant to her. She loved everyone so much. When her Disneyland family came to see her during her last moments she perked up and knew your love and well wishes were with her.

My favorite story of Kimmi (which I know some of you have already heard) was a time on the shuttle. I got onto the shuttle at the last stop. There were no more seats left with the exception of one Cast Member who was sitting on the outside with his backpack on the seat next to him. Kimmi was sitting behind him. Me being me did not say anthing and just figured I would stand. Kimmi and I said hello and I stood next to her seat. She begin to blurt in a very loud tone, "You could probably sit down if this &**&%$$ would move his stuff and slide over." I ignored what Kimmi had said and continued to stand. She again repeated her verbage and the Cast Member moved his backpack and let me sit down. The rest of the shuttle ride she continued to call this Cast Member colorful metophores loud and clear. I quietly said to her to be quiet because I am now sitting next to this rude Cast Member. She exclaimed "I hate people like him", and continued to call this Cast Member an &^%$#@. Believe me, this person (whoever he is) will never put his backpack on an empty seat again on the shuttle. He will hold his backback (let alone other parts of his anatomy) on his lap.

I will miss this woman more than I can exclaim. She was my sister and my best friend and also the strongest, most couragous woman I have ever known.

I love you Kimmi!!! I will never let your memory fade. You are my HERO!!!

As far as memorial plans, we are hoping for January 29th or 30th at one of the Disneyland Hotels. I promise the word will be out in droves and I hope the entire Resort will attend.


Date Posted: 19:21:51 01/13/06 Fri
Author: Laurence Roethel
Subject: Best Scheduler Ever

We just heard that Kimmie was sick. What a shock! We all have such fond memories of her. How could you not! She, to some extent, controlled our lives....and your right you thought twice about calling off. I even hung up and went in anyway once when she answered. Thank God they did not have caller id back then! She was also a pleasure in the morning when someone else called in!

She will be missed.

Laurence and Adrienne Roethel


Date Posted: 20:26:11 01/13/06 Fri
Author: Sue Bee
Subject: One day at Storybook

My favorite day on Storybook was always a day when Kimmie was there....she hated that attraction! But if we had a great crew, we had a blast. One day she had had enough of a lead that was always doing, what appeared, nothing. We would load boats and Kim would just look at me, paying no attention to the Guests and ask, "Sue, what does she do...I mean what does she do all day, standing at the phone box and looking at that piece of paper, Sue, what is she doing?"

As she would get swallowed by Monstro the Whale, she would turn around and look at the dock and scream, "Sue, what is she doing?"
I laughed and throughout the day and as we would pass each other by London Park, she would put the microphone down and say, "Sue, what does she do all day?"
We never could figure it out and I later became a lead on Storybook, clearly it was not rocket science as this one lead led us to believe. I still have the lingering Kimmie question, what did she do all day and what was she doin'!!!




Date Posted: 20:41:59 01/13/06 Fri
Author: Sue Bee
Subject: The Big Dick

A.K.A. Richard, her National Champion Horse.

She loved that horse and I finally got to see her ride at the LA County Fairgrounds, after getting lost for some unknown reason in the wrong part of Pomona, Laura Malone and I supported Kimmie and the Big Dick between her legs as she jumped her heart out. I remember when she had to lease him, I felt bad as I knew she loved that Richard.


Date Posted: 20:46:11 01/13/06 Fri
Author: Sue Bee
Subject: Box with Teeth

One more tale.
As I was planning the first Banana Ball reunion with Karen Bradshaw, I decided to only way to get to Kimmie was to ambush her at Pirates or the office. So Peter Athans got me in and we stormed the office with the fabulous Marion Dean still there and ready to help.

I screamed, "hey, you box with teeth!" She came out and we just chatted and cursed for about 5 minutes, with the volume at about 11 (we were not quiet). Before long, a few managers in a meeting had to open the door and tell us to keep it down.
She basically said *&$#@ to them and we continued.

I sure will miss her, she was one fabulous woman and I loved her dry sarcastic humor.


Date Posted: 22:38:38 01/13/06 Fri
Author: Andrea Spaeth
Subject: Although it has been a great deal of years...

Although it has been a great many years since I have seen Kim, the thought still makes me smile. I first met Kim when she gleefully sabotaged my art projects at Valencia High School, because I took them way too seriously. She was so very talented back then, but art was entertainment...joy! And she did delight in turning everything on end. Of all people to wind up working with at Hungry Bear, where she simply continued where she left off!

Date Posted: 00:47:03 01/14/06 Sat
Author: Gina Kingman
Subject: for better or for worse

Kimmie was the first castmember I met at pirates, in fact, she was my trainer. I must admit, she scared the crap out of me then. We spent the firts ten minutes of the day in the basement of the old admin. building, where the training center was at the time, while Kimmi cursed and threw her empty binder accross the room."Goddammit! How the hell do they expect me to train these people if they dont make me a binder!I HAVE TO GO! We have to go!"
The fear subsided a few days later when she told me not to use the broom for sweeping because it was Elaine's only ride home.
I realize now that it was her honnesty that made her stand out, for better or for worse. Before she got sick again, a cast member complained to me that she was mean because she had hit him upside the head with her clip board and called him stupid.I told him to considder himself lucky.
We are not the same without her. I wonder if the ride wont implode!But one thing is for shure: we will be finding flags, protowels, and other suplies stuffed into odd places for years to come.



Date Posted: 02:02:31 01/14/06 Sat
Author: Kris Larson
Subject: Her way with words

Everytime I make a spiel over a PA I think of my last day of Pirates training. Matt Holding had just finished administering my Performance Assessment in the tower, while Kimmi watched on. Once I had passed Kimmi said she wanted to go over the console with me and also the powering up/down procedures. Like a patient mom she sat beside me while I stumbled through the steps. While she and I sat there talking a guest on the monitor put his hand in the water. Not wanting to make a bad impression, I said into the PA, "Avast, Matey! Keep your ruddy hands inboard at all times!" She looked at me and said, "Oh that was goooood! I usually just tell them to keep their hands out of the water or else they'll be taking them home in a plastic bag." She threw a look at Matt and continued, "but I can't say that anymore 'cause I'll get in trouble." I'll miss the harsh exterior but mostly I'll miss the gentle soul which lay underneath. That and those funky reading glasses of hers! Lots of love, you old box! Thanks for the memories.



Date Posted: 02:08:49 01/14/06 Sat
Author: Karen Bradshaw
Subject: "I can't do this anymore!" and other Kimmi-isms

After reading many of these messages, it's hard not to cry and laugh at the same time......and even though I hadn't worked with Kimmi since '92, it seems like only last week when she would do the 'final Jeopardy' song from Pirates' unload dock, always smacking her gum, giving the 'green light' while people were still getting in the boat,...or on Mansion (the 'Big House' she would say), where she would put her dress on backwards...or those rare days I worked in the office doing schedules with her. "I hate him/her, Karen" she would say, really no matter who it was that dare enter the office, but she never meant it. And common was the phrase, "I have to go now!" throughout the day, no matter WHERE we were working. Once on Pirates' load, she walked over to Mrs. Eisner sitting in the boat, with her hands on both sides of her head, saying in octave 9+, "I've got the BIGGEST headache!" to which Mrs. Eisner offered asprin, Kimmi just said, "that's okay, I'll be alright." We all wish you were........

I tried to remember all these stories and more when I saw her for the last time, and tried to imagine what she wanted to say when all she could do was react to my presence, which told me she recognized me, and I'm sure she wanted to reinterate all the meantioned stories above.

Kimmi, even though you will never have to do this anymore, we will ALL miss you dearly......sweet dreams.


Date Posted: 07:17:50 01/14/06 Sat
Author: Alan Ruggles
Subject: Kimmi

Kimmi definitely made working at Disneyland much more fun. Watching her poke fun at the guests and sitting in the Pirates tower with her talking about anything that came to mind, and always complaining about how long the rotation was taking.

Kimmi left us with so many great memories. We will all miss her.

Alan and Erika Ruggles




Date Posted: 13:05:44 01/14/06 Sat
Author: Margarita Stack
Subject: My favorite memories

What can I say that all of you haven't said already? When I think of all of my Disney memories, Kimmi is definitely among them. As a "newbee" I was scared to death when I called in sick because I might hear "God Dammit!" followed by a dial tone. My summer on Pirates with Kimmi and Elaine always makes me smile. We all laughed as Charles screamed into the P.A. and watched the Blue Bayou folks flip out. I can see her rolling her eyes at every Guest that asked for row one. I can still hear "Don't you just love people?", and "I have to go". I'm thankful to have known her. Kimmi- We will all miss you.


Date Posted: 14:19:10 01/14/06 Sat
Author: Daneen Harger
Subject: Kim Cummins

Kim - such a funny girl.
She made me laugh whenever she was around.
I remember her from high school days and then at Hungry Bear. I can still hear her laughing with Mel and Dolly - never too sure what she was laughing at or whom.
I went on to Ad/Fr attractions she to No/Bear Country so I didn't get a chance to work with her in attractions but I am sure she made them more fun and there was laughter whenever she was on.
What I will miss is her friendship and smile. What I remember is she loved art/horses and her friends.
Kim - it's hard to say goodbye,


Date Posted: 16:26:03 01/14/06 Sat
Author: Ralf Woebken
Subject: Queefer

Of the many things that bite about growing old, the toughest has got to be surviving your close friends. I've gotten over my delusions of immortality ages ago but somehow hoped that you would've been blessed with more time. Now you have the last laugh. The rest of us will continue to age while you remain one who will perpetually stay only fifty. I will always remember you in that lovely, green gown last summer and how I got to see more of you in one hospital visit than I had in over twenty years of trying. Now we won't be able to rag on you anymore for not having your bridesmaid gown altered prior to our wedding (you box). I will not forget you, with the ever-present binkie dangling from your lips, while captaining our Lake Mead houseboat and yelling "ramming speed" whenever we were docking. You never did explain how you got that license plate name past the DMV censors? Please say "hi" to Jim Shutler, Mike Schwartz, Christopher Alopari, Chuck Abbott and all our other friends and keep a light on for the rest of us.


Date Posted: 18:32:38 01/14/06 Sat
Author: Matt Holding
Subject: More Kimmi

Hey how about when she told Kim Sims that Elaine had crabs in her pants and the crabs on crab island belonged to her!I even took a picture of a real crab in Hawaii and she placed the picture in the tower and wrote on it "Elaine's Crab"! She also used to write statements against me and place them on Kims desk saying "Please talk to Matt Holding" and she would yell at me from the tower "you're gonna get in trouble"!

Oh yes and how about when a Guest found a putty knife at Tarzan's treehouse and he brought it to Kimmi and I said "Kimmi haven't you been looking for this? Don't you put your makeup on with it every morning?" She howled and said it was Elaine's! Hey the streaks in the hair was great because she came in and went and told Kim Sim's she would fix it and had already given herself a verbal. I laughed my ass off! She looked like a cross between a zebra and strawberry shortcake!
Who can ever forget when Kimmi would come to roll call and I would sit in her chair by the door and then place a nasty old plastic fold out chair for her to sit in. I cannot count how many times she would come in and just flip me off and mutter ASSHOLE!

How about me taking the "I'm a little teapot photos that we posted on all the desktops in NOCC!!! Now that was classic! And the best photo was when Eric Hada caught her stealing creamer from the Veranda..Oh I about pissed my pants with that photo. Eric Hada and I carrying around photos of her in our lanyards. He still does, mine got ruined in the Hong KOng Moisture!

Just before I left for Hong Kong, she did two of the greatest!

I was River 1 and she called me over for a Guest concern at Pirates! I came over like a bat out of hell to rescue my Kimmi. God forbid I took my time she would just give me hell! So I approached a group of Guests and after a few minutes of telling them how they Jeopardized their safety they came clean that the old blonde lady had set them up! I about died! She was in the tower just cackling and I was so embarassed! She got me good and she knew it.

The next we had been trying to prove once again that Pirates could hit great numbers. She was at Group for several hours and I was at Stager on the load side. We hit a 3093 hour. She looked at me with a smirk and said " HAPPY NOW" and turned back around to group somemore. I was so proud of her. What an example she set that day. What a powerful statement that was! I will always remember that moment, and how easy she made it look!

I have so many stories I just can't count. It was ten years ago that I met Kimmi at Pirates and worked with her at Haunted Mansion. We had Binkies on the Foyer before park opening and I just thought she was the coolest thing. Ten years of memories cannot be placed here, but we can sure try!


Date Posted: 19:27:45 01/14/06 Sat
Author: Leslie Jensen
Subject: Life will not be the same without her

I will always remember being greeted by Kimmi every morning in scheduling with, "Hey ya old box!" To which I would reply, "Did you sharpen your teeth this morning?" She would give that familiar cackle and then ask, "What time are we doing coffee, ya Bitch?"
Kimmi was one of my best friends. She was like that eccentric aunt that embarrassed everyone at family reunions. I learned so much from her about life and who I was. She taught me not to take life so seriously and to just enjoy myself.
My favorite Kimmi story happened a couple of years ago, right before the "Pirates" movie came out. We were all preparing for the premiere at the Park and they had distributed movie posters to all the cast members. One day I was Kimmi's closing lead and I came to find her in the office. When she saw me she got this big grin on her face and said, "Come here, you're gonna LOVE this." She stood up and on her chair was the movie poster folded up showing only Johnny Depp's face. She said, "Look, I'm sitting on Johnny's face." Then she sat down and proceeded to wiggle back and forth in her chair. With her eyes clenched she said, "OOOooooh, isn't he FINE! I just love him." Then she burst out laughing. I just shook my head and laughed right along with her. It was classic Kimmi.
I will miss her for the person she was and for helping make me the person I am today. I will never forget all that she did for me.
Kimmi-I love ya, ya old box! I'm sure that wherever you are, you've already taken over!



Date Posted: 00:34:47 01/15/06 Sun
Author: Laura Mills
Subject: kimmi and the pro towells

One of my favorite Kimmi stories happened a few years ago on one of my first shifts after getting trained at Pirates. I was in the tower and Kimmi had come up to the tower and sat down with me. A little while later there was a problem in the station with the boats and she got up and yelled down to front unload to go into manual station.....the station was full of new hires and I knew she was going to let them have it. Every one just stood there dumb founded, manual station? So kimmi after yelling MANUAL STATION, GOD DAMN IT --MANUAL STATION--picked up an unopened pack of pro towells and chucked them out the window of the tower and into the water and under her breath mumbled NEW HIRES--GOD DAMN IT. Kimmi made everyday an adventure and I always looked forward to working with her, she was a special, special person and I'll miss her so much.


Date Posted: 02:01:47 01/15/06 Sun
Author: Troy C. Porter
Subject: Pirates water quality improves

This thought just came to me... With Kim no longer with us, the water quality of the entire Pirates attraction should be improving.

How many thousands and thousands of gallons of old coffee from the break room coffee maker do you think Kim has poured into the Bayou every day as she made a new pot of coffee for the last 25 years?

Dammit I miss her.


Date Posted: 08:19:03 01/15/06 Sun
Author: Kevin CHaney
Subject: Re: Pirates water quality improves
In reply to: Troy C. Porter 's message, "Pirates water quality improves" on 02:01:47 01/15/06 Sun

Thanks for bringing back that memory Troy.


Date Posted: 11:31:45 01/15/06 Sun
Author: Kim Parker
Subject: Memories of Kimmi

I, along with just about everyone who know Kimmi, remember Kimmi as very intimidating the moment I met her. I came to NOCC attractions when she was the scheduler, and the first time I called in sick I got the typical sarcastic remark. I think it was something along the lines of "God dammit! Fine!"

Bumping her to a break in Pirates was always replied with either, "Good, now I can have a binky!" or "Finally!" I loved her dry sarcasim!

It was kinda weird having the same name as her, as she got busted once for my complaint. I was sick and tired of people asking for the front on Splash, and had a lady say "We want the front." I asked if they were asking me or telling me. We went back and forth a good five times and I gave her the front when she said she was asking. A week or so later, one of the assistant managers asked if I did this on Splash. I admitted it, and was told that Kimmi was the suspect and she totally denied it, only when they looked at the schedule did they figure out it was me! The next day I found her and apologized for her getting in trouble for what I did, and she said something along the lines of good job!

Every time in the past I was down for a visit at the park, I'd ask if she was working.... She will be missed!

Date Posted: 12:49:45 01/15/06 Sun
Author: Wes Howard
Subject: Halloween with Kimmi

One of my favorite Kimmi memories is when a group of us were scheduled for a General Lead meeting on Halloween. The meeting was at a conference room at TDA and we were all in Costume except for the managers. About half way through the meeting Kimmi got up and exclaimed “THIS IS A WAST OF TIME” and walked out of the room. Somewhat stunned the manager in charge just shrugged it off as her being Kimmi and we continued with the meeting. A little while later Kimmi burst back into the room caring an orange plastic pumpkin full of candy and dumped the contents on the table. At this point the managers lost all control of the meeting. One of them asked her where she got that and she replied “I went trick or treating from cubicle to cubicle as a pirate. Everyone really liked my costume.” I still don’t know where she stole the pumpkin from.

I don’t remember what that meeting was about but I will never forget Kimmi.


Date Posted: 13:20:10 01/15/06 Sun
Author: Anita (Kwan) Power
Subject: Kimmi

Just like many of you, I was quite intimidated by Kimmi when I was a new hire to NOCC in 1991. As I got to know her better, I found a warm and caring person behind that gruff exterior.
After leaving the park, Chris and I would visit the park often with our 2 little ones. We would always keep an eye out for Kimmi whenever we were on Pirates. She always had a big greeting for us and interacted with our kids. She was so high spirited and upbeat the last time we last saw her.
I will always cherish my memories of working with her on Pirates. Her sense of humor and presence made working those busy summers bearable.
Kimmi, you will be greatly missed!

Anita Power


Date Posted: 15:14:44 01/15/06 Sun
Author: Grant Dawdy
Subject: Kimmi

When I first started working on the west side after returning from the parking lot, Kim was just about the first person I remember noticing. You couldn't help that, of course. Her personality was so big and mine so quiet, so I didn't connect as personally as many of you did with her. But I always looked forward to a day in rotation with Kimmi, knowing that it would be a good day, a happy day, a not-at-all boring day.

I passed Kim near Harbor House several years ago after not having seen her for a long while. I don't think I ever saw her after that, unfortunately. I mention that encounter because after we exchanged our howdys, I couldn't get the smile off my face as I spent the few minutes of my walk back to TDA thinking of Kim and all the great times we all had back in the good old days. As nice as those walking recollections were, I don't think I've ever really sat and reflected on just how great those west side days were until now.

So I welcome an email from any of you who would like to catch up. If Kim's passing teaches us anything, it's that we need to ask our old friends "What's up" more often.

Kimmi, the phrase "Rest In Peace" just doesn't seem to apply. So wherever you are, "Have Fun!"



Date Posted: 16:24:37 01/15/06 Sun
Author: Joann (Nakao) Case
Subject: Gotta love Kimmi!

Kimmi was always the best! Her dry sense of humor was always first rate. How she could say some of the things that she said without cracking so much as a grin?! My most recent memories of Kimmi were when I took our kids to the park and we would drop by Pirates (even though the boys didn't like the ride) because we had to say "hi." Her face would always light up and a big hug would follow. Kimmi, you'll be greatly missed. I have nothing but fond memories!


Date Posted: 17:56:27 01/15/06 Sun
Author: David Smith
Subject: Missing a family member

While I worked at the Park, Kimmie and everyone that I had the opportunity to work with, became my extended family. Losing Kim is like losing one of my family. Reading these posts have reminded me of some of those times that we all have had with Kim and with each other. It is with profound fondness that I hold for all those special people I worked side-by-side with, many of whom I still think about...Kimmie was one of those who made working at the Park so interesting, enjoyable, and always a different day. Thanks to Grant for forwarding this memorial site...there are a number of names here that I also hold great memories with...

You know you're a real pirate when...you are remembered by all the other 'pirates'...

Rest well, Kimmie. You are in our hearts.


Date Posted: 20:23:15 01/15/06 Sun
Author: Lidia Sparacio
Subject: Such A Fun Person

I had the pleasure of meeting Kimmi in the Disney locker room. For over 5 years we dressed side-by-side, with many shifts the same. Just from that we forged a fiendship - strange but true. What a great soul. She will live forever in outr hearts.

Date Posted: 00:09:53 01/16/06 Mon
Author: Eric Hada
Subject: Stealing Coffee Creamer

One brisk morning, I was the opening lead on Steam Trains. I parked in the Ball lot and took the nice walk to the Adventureland office complex. For some odd reason, on my way out the door that morning, I grabbed my camera. Well, it was a beautiful brisk morning, the birds were chirping and the air was crisp.

I snapped a few pictures of the Mark Twain, Tom Sawyer Island and the opportunity was just too perfect! Along the way, I was passing where the Fantasmic B light tower is and looked over to my right and saw Kimmi looking very suspicious. Sure enough, she was standing at the Royal Street Veranda…cautiously looking from side to side...as she unzipped the cover that houses the condiments. Right at that very moment, I turned the camera back on, yelled her name, and caught her stealing handfuls of coffee creamer from the cart!

"Oh shit" she yelled…and then continued with that evil Kimmi laugh. She knew she was caught and as soon as I could, I emailed that photo to everyone! Now they are going to wonder why their same orders of coffee creamer aren't being consumed as quickly as when she was here.

Thanks for the laughs Kimmi! I still carry your photo with me everyday and I miss you.


Date Posted: 06:46:25 01/16/06 Mon
Author: Wendy Potts aka the horse trainer
Subject: Re: Queefer
In reply to: Ralf Woebken 's message, "Queefer" on 16:26:03 01/14/06 Sat

I met Kimmi when she brought her horse Camfire to me to train. She called him "Cammie" for short. Well, after a few rides on the horse I told Kim that "Cammie" just did not fit him. The horse could be a big jerk and liked to try to buck me off. I suggested the name Richard to her and told her we could call him "Dick" when necessary. It stuck and of course Kimmi changed it to "My Big Dick." She often asked people, "Wanna ride my big Dick?" Needless to say, she shocked more than a few.

The Queefer story is an amusing one. You see, Kimmi decided to get me a personalized license plate that said "Geldum" because I told everybody that brought a stallion to me to train that it needed to be gelded, no matter how much they believed it should not. This lead to many people passing me in the car honking, giving me either a big thumbs up, or the big middle finger. For this, I had to out do her.

We were talking about the Mark & Brian radio show one day and she told me that they actually had people "queefing" on the radio. She thought this was hysterical. I thought it was the perfect opportunity to give back what she'd given to me. I ordered the license plate and was so happy that the seven letters fit in so perfectly. I thought I was going to pull it off without a hitch, when I got a call from the DMV. They wanted to know what queefer meant. I hesitated a moment and then told them it was a nickname that I had made up. They accepted my answer and she received the license plate in the mail a few weeks later and she was more than happy to display it proudly on her good old celica.

And that is the story on how Big Dick and Queefer came to be. I love you and miss you Kimmi---

Date Posted: 07:08:13 01/16/06 Mon
Author: Dave Schoenwetter
Subject: Pirate Wench: Disney Princess

Remebering Kimmi...

To her Attraction Manager, "I'm off Fridays and Saturdays. Got it?"

To anyone in the office who'd listen, "OK, where the hell are the ride keys! I'm off for two fricken days and the whole thing falls apart!?!".

To Adventure 1, "You better get over here and turn on these stupid machines [FastPass] because I'm sure not. Shoulda never put 'em in anyway"

To other Cast Members and random Managers, "Oh what do you want (insert explictive here)".

To Cast Members while a Scheduler, "I know you're not scheduled today, that's why I'm letting you choose when to work your full eight".

She piloted the roll-out of CDS even though she didn't agree with it.

She coached Cast Members in private ("let's go out back for a minute") and praised them in front of the crew.

She ran a thousand magical resets and countless safe evacuations that can only come with many years on an Attraction.

She accepted help one time - to learn more about her cancer.

She cried with me, and held my hand, as I went thru mine.

A Pirate Wench on the outside.
A true Princess on the inside.

Dave Schoenwetter

Date Posted: 08:27:34 01/16/06 Mon
Author: Laura (Malone) Lodin
Subject: She ran the west side!

I'll never forget how terrified I was of Kimmi when I first met her! But it didn't take me too long to discover what a warm heart she had under that gruff exterior! When I was trying to become 25-hour C and was only getting scheduled 12 hours, she went out of her way to get me the shifts I needed! My favorite Kimmi memory, however, didn't even take place at the Park! It was at a horse show to which she had invited me. She was so in love with that horse -- so full of pride for him! I knew that day that Kimmi had considered me a friend when she let me ride her beloved Richard! We'll miss you, Kimmi!





Date Posted: 10:38:01 01/16/06 Mon
Author: Kristin Elliott
Subject: Ah, That Kimmie!

I just found out last night about Kimmie and my heart just sank. Love her or fear her, you had no choice but to respect her. Now I miss her.
There are two very special Kimmie memories that come to mind for me.
The first one is from early on in my career here. I had just walked into scheduling and Kimmie was taking a call sick with her usuall, um, grace. All I heard was, "Fine, call in sick!" Then as she slammed down the receiver, "Shit! I didn't get his name."
The most recent of my Kimmie memories came a couple of years ago, after I transfered to Entertainment. I was backstage behind Pirates and bumped into her while she was taking a break. She started out by yelling "How come I never see you anymore?" After that we just sat down and chatted. It was the first time we had ever done that and we had to have talked for almost 45 minutes. Of course we talked about work stuff, my new job and the cancer but after a while she asked for my opinion on a personal matter. Apparently, Anthony Hopkins had been on Pirates recently and had made eye contact with her. She had felt a big spark when she looked into his eyes and wasn't sure if she should try to contact him to see if he remembered her. It was amazing to see her so giddy and so perplexed about a man, even a touch vulnerable. Ultimately, I felt honored that she trusted me to share this side of her.
The biggest honor is to be able to say that I was blessed enough to know her.


Date Posted: 16:14:59 01/16/06 Mon
Author: Toni Pedley
Subject: The Kimmie I knew

My memories of Kim are different than most posted. I met Kim in the "Horse World" we all showed horses together starting back in 1987, with our dear friend Wendy Griffith(Potts)We shared many years of laughter, tears, friendships that will never end. Kim and I would often share a room at whatever show we were at, we would pig out on her favorite Lime flavored tortilla chips,salsa, and of course margaritas. On one particular occassion, someone had made us mad, I suggested we call the "Police" this started a laughing jag that lasted for hours. Guess you had to be there. For me she will always be there, the smile on her face, her support for me and all of us that were competing, although, Kim would do ANYTHING to get someone else to ride her wonderful horse Richard. Love ya Kid, see ya sometime I'll bring the chips and salsa, & the Margarita's, Toni


Date Posted: 16:26:14 01/16/06 Mon
Author: Tally Briggs
Subject: Remember "STEP ON THE BREAK!" ???

Back long ago, B.E., in the time of 5-row boats.....

On unload Kimmi was the best at a certain game called STEP ON THE BREAK... I can't remember, but she may have invented it!

Stand on rear unload.
As the front boat passes you, lean down and tell the person in the front seat on the far right, "Excuse me, you need to step on the break.."
Then when they are passing you and looking at you like you have just spoken Swahili, you point to the bottom of the floor of the boat and say louder, and more urgently as you start running with the boat along unload and they get alarmed that they didn't stop at the first load position and are in fear of another 15 minutes of the same ride...., "Step on the BREAK! THE BREAK! STEP ON THE BREAK!!!!" They sart stomping the bottom of the boat, even sometimes diving on the floor trying to find the non-existant break pedal with their hands......Then the boat stops at front load, and they realize they just fell for something so incredibly ludicrous.

Kimmi was THE BEST at this, even thanking them for doing such a good job with a straight face as they went laughing towards the exit.


Date Posted: 14:29:39 01/16/06 Mon
Author: Bruce Nelson
Subject: Arrrrrrrgh, me missing Wench..

I'm saddened to hear the news of any friends who depart our existence too early. Kim was, indeed, a special pirate. I can't really recall any ONE story that would stick out in memory, but I do recall those, "head shaking" times when Kim was on unload, and she was helping the loader cram as many into the last seat as possible.. She would press the green button well before the last person could even wedge themselves into the seat. I do recall that when Kim was on the unload with Barnyak in the tower - there would be a lot of mopping up to do when the boats came back. -- I'll see you on the other side Kimmi..


Date Posted: 16:11:30 01/16/06 Mon
Author: Tally Briggs
Subject: speaking of load/unload and Kimmi
In reply to: Bruce Nelson 's message, "Arrrrrrrgh, me missing Wench.." on 14:29:39 01/16/06 Mon

speaking of Kimmi on unload - Lisa Presely and I were on load one day with Hank as foreman - Kimmi was on unload for most of it until her shift ended, and of course egged us on completely - Lisa and I decided we wanted to go for the record because Hank wanted to get rid of some bodies and couldn't do it unless we got CC down a bit. So Lisa and I loaded for an hour CRAMMING 'em in - even telling a few people we were going for the Guiness Book Record and they bought it! We did a 3500 hour with the FIVE ROW BOATS!! Gawd that was fun, but boy did I ever need a drink after that!

Date Posted: 16:31:30 01/16/06 Mon
Author: Tally Briggs
Subject: my point was....
In reply to: Tally Briggs 's message, "speaking of load/unload and Kimmi" on 16:11:30 01/16/06 Mon

We NEVER could have done that without Kimmi's help! Not in a million years!

and yeah - we were doing some six skinny people rows and two adults/three kids in row 5!

Wet? Oh yeah.


Date Posted: 17:49:18 01/16/06 Mon
Author: Jim Dunbar
Subject: Kimmie Horsewoman


Kimmie talked little of her other life.

She kept Richard,aka Big Dick, here for the last 10+ years and was never without something to say.
Binkies abound and StarBucks and breakfast on Sat mornings at 10:30. Most of us horse people are ready for lunch at 10:30 but Kimmie needed all morning to pamper Richard, bath,
brush, trim,check out his Johnson and make up a treat of carrots or something special.
I never met anyone who rode in her car. She would park her car on the street and would walk down into the ranch yelling BUBBA at the top of her lungs.
Richard couldn't see her but you know he heard her. He would lean against the fence closest to her voice and wait.
Richard was a Legend in the horse world both in and out of the ring. He was a National Champion 7 times (I think) and top ten many more times. This is a fete unkown in our industry.
I never met her dog and she promised me I was better off.
She did tell me of Anthony Hopkins and Michael Jackson and did mention Eisner and we would laugh whenever USC was beaten.
Her horse friends will miss her and we all love her.
Goodby Kimmie we will take care of Richard until he is ready to join you.


Date Posted: 18:50:57 01/16/06 Mon
Author: Tally Briggs
Subject: Re: Kimmie Horsewoman
In reply to: Jim Dunbar 's message, "Kimmie Horsewoman" on 17:49:18 01/16/06 Mon

I am so sorry I never got to ride with her. I grew up with a horse, and we spoke many times about it. Back then we were both too poor to own, but boy we wanted to! I'm so very glad she got her wish, and maybe someday I can meet The Big Dick!


Date Posted: 19:21:59 01/16/06 Mon
Author: Joyce Schroeder
Subject: Laughter

My memories of Kimmi are those of a more distant friend, she was a client at Ventura Farms where I worked and was a good friend and client of Wendy's...she was such a fun loving person when around me, laughing and bringing joy to the lives of those who knew her...have not seen her much in the last several years, but will always consider her as a friend. Will miss her great attitude and smile....she is in a better place...will miss her.


Date Posted: 19:23:41 01/16/06 Mon
Author: Rene Stone
Subject: RIchard (aka Dick) lookalike AJ

My daughter & I will never forget the first time we met Kim and Richard, aka Dick. We had put our horse in training with Wendy in Sun City. This was years and years ago. My daugther was about 10 year old, a little blonde like Kim, yet very shy. She had taken a lesson from Wendy on her horse AJ and had him in the cross-tie to unsaddle and bathe him. Shauna, my daughter, was trying to take the bit out of AJ's mouth. Another person (still unknown to this day) saw Shauna yanking on the bit while AJ held it tight in his mouth. It was a game they'd always play with each other. Another person in the barn observed this tug-of-war and said, "You better not let Kim see you pulling on Richard's bit like that. She won't like it." Come to find out, that person thought our horse was Richard (or Dick). Richard & AJ did look alot alike. Shauna was afraid that Kim would be angry because of pulling on the bit, yet when we met her she was so easygoing & care-free. Kim was such a likeable person and fun to be around. She was always saying something witty and funny. She truly loved her horse, and we're honored to have known her. We'll miss you. Being that I'm fifty this year as well, I have a different perspective on life and how fast it goes by. We all need to cherish the moment & loved ones because we never know what lies ahead. Shauna & I will always remember Kim and Richard. AJ is also very old like Richard, and we all know that we'll be together again some day. Take care, Kim, and keep everyone laughing wherever you are. Love, Rene' & Shauna Stone


Date Posted: 19:36:32 01/16/06 Mon
Author: Rhonda Rzasa
Subject: What a shock!

We were shocked to learn that Kimmi was sick. Anyhow, you always hoped that anyone but Kimmi would answer the phone when you called in sick. Otherwise, you were prepared for the cussing and the hang up. She definitely had a way of making people laugh. Thanks for all the fond memories.

Rob & Rhonda Rzasa


Date Posted: 18:19:51 01/16/06 Mon
Author: Kim Sims
Subject: Kimmie's Holiday Imagineering Moment

One morning a couple years ago after the Park had taken on its holiday decor, Kimmie came to get me to come see what she had done. With great caution I followed Kimmie into her ride to the loading dock. Where with such a fright, I saw the work of 8 tiny pirates orchestrated by Kimmie. They had beads hanging from everywhere and holiday plants that had been pilaged from other areas of the Park. The unload dock had really taken on a Christmas feel and was very pretty. I commented on her and her team's fine work and told her I really enjoyed working with her. She looked at me and said "what?" I said "Yeah, cause when WDI sees what you did and they did not get to charge me $5,000 in creative costs and another $5,000 in materials and labor I would be fired." She of course restored the unload dock to its normal decor. It seems funny that this past Christmas Eve provides me with another great Kimmie memory. So you Pirate, Merry Christmas to you and thank you for being such a character that touched so many people's lives. And just one more thing... "I can too make coffee!"


Date Posted: 20:45:33 01/16/06 Mon
Author: Matt Holding
Subject: Re: Kimmie's Holiday Imagineering Moment
In reply to: Kim Sims 's message, "Kimmie's Holiday Imagineering Moment" on 18:19:51 01/16/06 Mon

"Kim you make shitty coffee"!



Date Posted: 22:27:10 01/16/06 Mon
Author: John DiFlauro
Subject: Jungle Cruise Now!

Back in the early 1990's when 951 & 956 merged, Kimmi became the Westside Scheduler after Jan Corwin retired. When Jan needed me to come in for a Jungle Cruise shift she would say "John, if you are available we have an open shift on Jungle Cruise. Please call me." Kimmi's messages were a little bit different "JOHN-JUNGLE CRUISE-NOW!"

Date Posted: 00:20:19 01/17/06 Tue
Author: Sue Bee
Subject: Ahhh, Kimmie and scheduling

The memories of Kimmie in the office. She is the main reason I no longer have my ringer on upstairs and I turn my phone off at night. After closing Thunder, she would have to call at 5am to ask if I could work the at 10am instead of at 11am for later in the week.

I once asked, why the hell do you do that? She would just say, because, it is on my mind and I have to get it covered when it is fresh. I had to laugh and I started unplugging the phone, she would just get the machine.

I would spend most of my breaks up in that office gossiping about evil Cast Members and making the supervisors nuts. Those were fun days and I will always remember and cherish them.


Date Posted: 16:44:29 01/17/06 Tue
Author: Kristin Elliott
Subject: "O2"

I pulled out my copy of "Operator 2" in honor of Kimmie. I found myself laughing and crying all over again. How wonderful that even she was able to poke fun at own her "image." Granted, I think most of us had that impression of her when we first met her.
On a side note, I hope Kimmie appreciates that I am writing this message on company time.


Date Posted: 17:58:02 01/17/06 Tue
Author: Lori Moe
Subject: Never Forgotton

Kimmi was funny, goofy, had a unique way with words and could make even the longest most tedious shifts fun. She was also gentle and kindhearted and when you shared something with her you knew her response was genuine and caring. I am so glad I had the chance to know her and will never forget her.





Date Posted: 21:27:12 01/17/06 Tue
Author: Benny LeMaster
Subject: turning her on

okay, so turns out this gay guy (me) found a way to turn this fabulous woman on - I simply said "Hey Baby!" in my deepest voice. And there was Kimmi, shuttering at the sound of my voice. And then she would curse. I loved it!

Kimmi, I love you!


Date Posted: 08:55:14 01/18/06 Wed
Author: Steve Jax
Subject: Good Bye Kimmi

I'll never will forget when Kimmi worked in scheduling and people would call in to say they could not come in. Kimmi would tell them to get there rear end in here right now. If I am working you are working. She would hang up on them and they would show up for work.


Date Posted: 09:31:06 01/18/06 Wed
Author: Jason Barrett
Subject: I can see her now...

I can see her now, standing there at Pirate's Front Unload, hand on the enable button, ready to dispatch as soon as these damn people would hurry up and sit down (well, at least as soon as they started to sit down), her jaw working a stick of chewing gum. Relaxed. Maybe not totally content, but relaxed and not worried. She was just watching everyone, and anticipating what was going to happen next. You know, once you've spent some time working a ride, you get good at this. You see things happen before they actually do: The kid that's about to walk right into the water because his mom's not paying attention; the group that's going to back you up to the Horseshoe because they're trying to move all eight people of their party into one row; etc. Kimmi was a pro and could stop these events from happening before they had a chance to start. But then, every now and again she'd let the dumb things happen for the entertainment value. Maybe she did it to see if the Guests could get themselves out of trouble as easily as they got into it. You could always tell when she was doing it, too, just by the look on her face. She seemed to get a kick out of finding those things in life that are trivial, repetitive, kind of stupid, and just enjoying them for what they are. I loved watching her react to a Guest when they would approach her with a dumb question. She'd usually just stare at them and grin. She'd let them talk through their own problem until they figured it out. Afterwards, she'd shoot me a look that could only mean "Jason, do you believe these people?"

For a short time, I became known for doing an impression of one of the Ops. Managers. There were a few managers that got a kick out of seeing me do it, and they would gather in the office to watch me. For Kimmi, this was a real treat. I don't know what it was about it, but Kimmi LOVED it. She would plead for me to do it…she brought me a coffee cup (an essential prop in the gag) and sat everyone down in the office and told them to shut up so she could see "the show." She would laugh so hard, I thought that tears would start streaming from her eyes. And Kimmi's laughter was so infectious…everyone else would explode into laughter, even if they didn't really think my impression was all that funny. I often broke character and had to laugh along with her. Then she would ask me to do it again, with the same amount of anticipation and anxiousness--like she was afraid she would forget it if I didn't do it again right away.

When I had the pleasure of covering the area as a General Lead, I knew I never had to worry about things over at Pirates…not with Kimmi running the show. When I would come by to check in with her it was always the same - "Oh what do you want? Asshole." She had a marvelous sense of humor and a caring heart. I am honored to have known her and worked alongside her. She will continue to be missed.

Well, Kimmi, I believe that you're in a better place now. Hopefully if I follow the rules, I'll get to see you again one day. Well, I suppose they're just GUIDELINES anyway...


Date Posted: 18:51:32 01/18/06 Wed
Author: Jon Sieker
Subject: Splash in a torrential downpour

It was pouring and there were like 2 guests on the ride (I think 6 guests in the entire park) and Kim was standing at unload cowering under an umbrella trying to stay dry. Cynthia Harris had just started with the company so she was making her rounds to the rides to introduce herself. She came in and saw Kim at unload and said “Thanks for coming out in the rain.” Kim turned to her and said, “I didn’t know I had a choice.”




Date Posted: 20:32:05 01/18/06 Wed
Author: Branden Silks
Subject: Kimmi and Matt

Wow, where does one begin when there are so many stories to tell. I think there are enough to make a book

The one that sticks out in my mind is Kimmi’s call to Greg Emmer. Kimmi, Leslie Jensen (I believe), Melissa Contreras and I had just returned from our Leadership Session at TDA. In just a few days Matt Holding would be leaving the DLR and traveling to Hong Kong for his new assignment.

When we returned to the NOCC offices she gets this big grin on her face and grabs the phone and says out of no where “I’m calling Greg Emmer. He should say goodbye to Matt.” At first I thought she was joking. She ends up calling his office and speaks to his secretary. She goes on explaining how much of a wonderful guy Matt is and goes on, and on, and on about how Greg should come down and say goodbye to him. His secretary said she would make time for him the next day to pay a visit.

As soon as she hangs up the phone she starts laughing out loud hysterically shouting “Matt’s gonna KILL ME! BWAHAHAHAH!”

I think all of us were still in shock that she actually did it and were laughing with her.

Kimmi, I love you and miss you terribly!


Date Posted: 12:48:59 01/19/06 Thu
Author: Matt Holding
Subject: Re: Kimmi and Matt
In reply to: Branden Silks 's message, "Kimmi and Matt" on 20:32:05 01/18/06 Wed

And he actually DID!!! I was so emabarassed!



Date Posted: 21:17:50 01/18/06 Wed
Author: Tommy Ehrenberg
Subject: Fred and Ethel

I have to add this to the list- One of my favorite Kimmi memories is when she would go to the West Side Diner (DEC or PIT) to get packs of crackers. I would see her on the lawn at Haunted Mansion before the Park opened, feeding a pair of ducks whom she had named Fred and Ethel. She took such delight in watching them together. She would laugh and talk to them. Her sweet, soft nature was so appearent in those early mornings. I remember going inside and getting everything ready for opening quickly just so she would be able to stay outside with those two silly ducks before the Guests would fill the queue and chase them back to the river.








Date Posted: 13:41:10 01/19/06 Thu
Author: Kevin Chaney
Subject: Re: Fred and Ethel
In reply to: Tommy Ehrenberg 's message, "Fred and Ethel" on 21:17:50 01/18/06 Wed

I always wondered at her being sure to get crackers when we were down there. Another mystery solved.
Hey Tommy do you have email? I not call me at 714-744-7366, it's my work number at the PD.

Date Posted: 14:49:43 01/19/06 Thu
Author: Tally Briggs
Subject: Re: Fred and Ethel
In reply to: Kevin Chaney 's message, "Re: Fred and Ethel" on 13:41:10 01/19/06 Thu

ooooh Tommy! You're in trouble! ;)


Date Posted: 15:04:50 01/19/06 Thu
Author: Terry Eaton
Subject: Kimmi

Reading all of these messages has brought back a flood of memories. God Bless you Kimmi. I know that we have been blessed by knowing you. I am sure if there is Crowd Control in Heaven you have already figured a way to make it more fun.


Date Posted: 17:08:59 01/19/06 Thu
Author: Sue O'Shea
Subject: Sweet Dreams Kimmi

I've enjoyed reading all the messages about Kimmi.

Ralf, I can still hear Kimmi yell "ramming speed" on that houseboat. Tally and Elaine, I can still hear the maid at the hotel in San Juan, Puerto Rice scream "Jesus, pelato" (sp?) when Kimmi was sheding like a snake and trying to get us all to smoke and drink diet coke with her! She was truly "one-of-a-kind" and that is no cliche.

What I'd like to mention about Kimmi was her talent as an artist. She majored in art in college and was very, very talented. She sketched a picture by the artist Escher for me. I still have and will always treasure it. Kimmi, thank you for all those times you were there for me and even though we haven't seen much of each other in recent times, I still, and always will, cherish your friendship and feel lucky to to have touch my life. Sweet Dreams.




Date Posted: 13:00:42 01/20/06 Fri
Author: Heidi Gutierrez
Subject: My favorite memory

My favorite memory of Kimmi is standing outside of pirates and the ride is 101. Kimmi tells one person that we are having technical problems and the person right behind them ask the same question. And Kimmi turns to me and says "I hate these people." She could always make me smile. I miss her.


Date Posted: 16:39:18 01/20/06 Fri
Author: Rodel Rabara
Subject: A Kimmi Memory
In reply to: Troy C. Porter 's message, "Kimmi Stories" on 01:06:55 01/13/06 Fri

It was a rainy, slow, morning at pirates and someone had the bright idea to get some sort of bottle of booze to pass the time away since we knew it would be really boring. Somehow, during a 15 minute break, one of the crew was able to change, go across the street, and pick up a bottle of peppermint shnapps. Being the naive rookie, I didn't think it was a good idea. After some coaxing by the others I went to the break room where I found kimmi taking a shwig straight from the bottle. She turned to me and asked, if i was "a square" and passed me the bottle. I smiled and took a shwig. She said it was "some mighty fine mouthwash." That was one of the best/warmest Pirate shifts ever!

This Binkie is for you Kimmi!