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"MYSTERY SOUND BITE CONTEST" Play by ear! Test your audio awareness and win a copy of the demented song of your choice! Can you identify this week's sound bite?? UPDATED 2/2/98
COMPLETE "DEMENTED NEWS" REPORTS! Now, through the wonders of RealAudio, hear current and classic "Demented News" broadcasts. UPDATED 2/7/98
"DEMENTED NEWS" SOUND BITES! Treat your ears to a selection of the most popular sound bites heard on the "Demented News"! Your requests posted!!

WHIMSICAL WILL CHAT! Stop by for some real-time deeeemented and whimsical conversation! Open 24/7 -- although busiest Sunday nights.

DEMENTED LINKS! Some indispensible "Dr. Demento Show" sites. UPDATED 1/24/98
"CUTTING UP WITH WHIMSICAL WILL" My first compilation tape -- with 22 "break-in interviews" -- is still available!
"CUTTING UP WITH WHIMSICAL WILL - VOL.2" My brand-new collection contains 25 songs and stories spanning 18 years, from my first recording to air on the "Dr. Demento Show" in 1980 to my latest "Hacker's Rap Pt.2 (The Inter-nut)."