Okay, this one was a toughie!

Bites (of bites!) from:

1. Joe Pesci (in "Goodfellas")

2. Gilbert Gottfried (as Iago in "Aladdin")

3. Phil Hartman (as Ed McMahon on "Saturday Night Live")

4. Jack Mercer (as Felix the Cat)

5. Nancy Cartwright (as Bart Simpson)

6. Mel Blanc (as Bugs Bunny)

7. John Kricfalusi (as Ren Hoek from "Ren & Stimpy")

8. Dustin Hoffman (in "Rain Man")

9. Jim Henson (as Statler on "The Muppet Show")

Congrats to the entrants with the most correct information: Cole Adams of Glendale, CA, and the remarkable Eric Houg of Bensalem, PA!

(How many did YOU get?!)