Answer 332

Like Barbie loves Ken
I love to do things that begin with "S-N"...

That's TOM LEHRER from "SN (SNORE, SNIFF & SNEEZE)," as heard on "The Electric Company" PBS-TV show!

After the tie-breaking drawing, Walt Morris of Union, NJ, earns his second MSB win and grabs a CD copy of the demented song of his choice.

Honorable mention to these punderfully inspired entries:

Beth, Matt & Mark Heiss of Prospect, CT, wrote:
"We're pretty current on our Tom Lehrer, so we thought we'd get this one in a flash. But, alas, we were shocked to discover we didn't know watt this was. But we re-fuse to give up, so after much plugging we made the connection between your 'blow a fuse' comment and Tom Lehrer's songs for 'The Electric Company.' We therefore relay to you that this week's MSB is 'SN (Snore, Sniff and Sneeze).'"

Tim Ryan from Ann Arbor, MI, wrote:
"Okay, the light bulb over the head finally come on: Watt do you know, I conduit, I have the capacity... too much time spent at ohm. From The Electric Company. I see you are staying with current topics. Have a Pico (& Sepulveda) faraday. One of these times, I'll be inducted into the list of winners."

Happy to provide an outlet.