1. "Delicious!" by Jim Backus & Friend

2. "They're Coming to Take Me Away, Ha-Haaa!" by Jerry "Napoleon XIV" Samuels

3. "Honeymooners Rap" by Joe Piscopo (w/Eddie Murphy)

4. "Rappin' Duke" by Shawn Brown, the Rappin' Duke

5. "John & Marsha" by Stan Freberg

6. "Kinko the Clown" by Bill Frenzer and his Ogden Edsl Wahalia Blues Ensemble Mondo Bizarrio Band

You did better on this one, oh devoted cyber-Dementoids -- although No.5 seemed to be the tricky one!

After the tie-breaking drawing, "Blasted Bill" Putt of Brighton, MI, walks away with a copy of my latest compilation tape, "Cutting Up with Whimsical Will - Vol.2"!